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All Grown Up (ish)

There's nothing like a social media 'engagement' post to really put you off the Internet. But there's nothing like being the one who posted it (guilty). Having spent all of Christmas Eve in my pyjamas, I was intrigued to notice my boyfriend put on his best (and only) shirt for the evening. In a bid… Continue reading All Grown Up (ish)

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‘Tis the Season – to be wondering what the f*** 2020 was all about

2020 has been the gift that keeps on giving - except you didn't ask for it and can't return it because it didn't come with a receipt. For a lot of us, Christmas this year will be like no other - but also exactly like every day of the year since March (pyjamas all day,… Continue reading ‘Tis the Season – to be wondering what the f*** 2020 was all about

The Quarter Life Crisis

All I want for Christmas is a slow cooker

Thanks to the Quarter Life Crisis, there's nothing like Christmas to remind you that you're definitely not a child anymore. Gone are the days of 'hoping for a tamagotchi' and 'the cat threw up on my stocking again' - now it's more 'all I want for Christmas is an early night and a debt-free future'.… Continue reading All I want for Christmas is a slow cooker

The Quarter Life Crisis

Reader, I bought it (and now I regret it)

It was only the other day, when I was online shopping-not-shopping, I somehow pressed the 'order now, have it tomorrow!' button. As it turns out, the power of persuasion really doesn't make your dreams comes true... But it does bring you an unnecessary and probably not environmentally sustainable fancy dress costume. Friend: "what have you… Continue reading Reader, I bought it (and now I regret it)

The Quarter Life Crisis

Alexa, please get me a light switch

Having grown up in the medieval days of dialling up the internet, I find it hard to believe that in 2018 there's more technology in a smartphone than in the first spaceship sent to the moon. AND harder to believe that I've mostly used this technology to do Buzzfeed quizzes to find out what type… Continue reading Alexa, please get me a light switch

The Quarter Life Crisis

Stop interrupting my grinding

Girls Think I'm Funny The Quarter Life Crisis wouldn't be complete without a messy break-up - followed by tears, cocktails, wine, more cocktails, therapy and an unwelcome appreciation for Celine Dion. While the world is full of pressure to meet the 'one' (the one who won't blue tick you on WhatsApp), if something isn't right… Continue reading Stop interrupting my grinding