The Quarter Life Crisis

Reader, I bought it (and now I regret it)

It was only the other day, when I was online shopping-not-shopping, I somehow pressed the ‘order now, have it tomorrow!’ button.

As it turns out, the power of persuasion really doesn’t make your dreams comes true…

But it does bring you an unnecessary and probably not environmentally sustainable fancy dress costume.

Friend: “what have you come as?”

Me: “the entirety of the January sales”

Girls Think I’m Funny

But nobody does persuasion quite like – cue unnerving soundtrack – social media influencers.

If you’ve been living under a rock (aka reality and probably the best place to be) a social media influencer will sell you all sorts of crap through the power of their own popularity.

In 2018, an influencer would wait around the corner for you, with unnaturally white teeth, persuading you to buy tea that will make you shit yourself.

They’d creep up on Instagram, while you were busy comparing your life choices with people you haven’t spoken to since year eight.

But not in 2019.

Dramatic pause.

No, this is the year of taking back control; reducing our screen time, savvying up on sustainable fashion, saving our money, restoring our mental health. Basically, getting rich in more ways than one.

What could go wrong?

Cue Brexit

Ah, fuck.


Featured image: Society Gal


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