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All Grown Up (ish)

There’s nothing like a social media ‘engagement’ post to really put you off the Internet.

But there’s nothing like being the one who posted it (guilty).

Having spent all of Christmas Eve in my pyjamas, I was intrigued to notice my boyfriend put on his best (and only) shirt for the evening.

In a bid to make an effort, I shoved on the first decent looking (but still very creased) top from my wardrobe and completed the ‘That’ll Do’ look with lip balm.

I hadn’t prepared myself for the scavenger hunt that followed (thanks to the nap I’d barely woken up from earlier) but I was delighted to collect chocolate gifts on my route around the house. 

For some reason, I had in my head that the last gift was a biscuit tin (and I was very excited about it). As it turns out, it was a proposal (much better than the biscuit tin).

Nothing says romance more than throwing yourself at your partner while blubbering and screeching ‘YES’ as tears and snot fall from your face.

And nothing says #adulting more than immediately creating a spreadsheet in preparation for the big day.


A lot of planning goes into a wedding  – do you go for traditional and classic or do you go for the unicorn wedding dress with the pizza bouquet so that when you throw it over your head everyone gets a slice?

It doesn’t help that the only wedding experience I have is from years of playing The Sims but getting a real life cheat-code and inviting Beyonce over for the party seem out of the question in reality. 

There’s also the option of hiring a wedding dog-carer for the day but how much would the brave paw-loving professional want to battle with a food-thieving Greyhound during the wedding breakfast?

Of course there’s the extras too, like the hen and stag do’s. Traumatised from a former hen-do when male dancers emerged in animal onesies during a strip-show, I’ll happily skip this part.

But the one thing that makes it all worthwhile is marrying my fiancΓ© (aka my breakfast maker and all-round-cheerer-upper). 

Now if you don’t mind me, I’m off to Google ‘getting married in a global pandemic’. Oh 2021. 


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