The Quarter Life Crisis


Thanks to the Quarter Life Crisis, I’ve been so busy writing about when things go wrong in life, nothing prepared me for when things started going right.

Mum: Hannah, there’s a 6ft handsome man at the door with chocolate cake.


Me opening the door to my boyfriend when he made my favourite cake:

It’s not just my relationship which has me feeling smug. My social life has taken a new turn.

The other day I accidentally didn’t double book my friends. Instead, I made plans and stuck to them.

Better still, I was home late enough to have enjoyed the best of my evening but early enough to sober up, get a full eight hours and not feel hungover the next day.

I think this is what they call winning (aka getting old).

Instagram – Betches

For all my twenties mishapsgetting my suitcase stuck in the ticket barriers at Piccadilly and being ‘let out’ by staff is one of my personal favourites – it’s good to feel more settled.

As any Quarter Life Crisis survivor will tell you, after the “oh shit, I shouldn’t have done that / said that / eaten that” phase has peaked, you’re meant to come out the other side as a better person.

This feels hard to believe when you’re eating pasta straight out of the pan because you can’t be bothered to wash up (guilty) but it’s true.

So, from now on you can find me and my smuggy attitude shopping in IKEA for kitchen utensils (but probably still tripping over my own feet because let’s face it, some things never change) #blessed

Instagram – Pubity


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