The Quarter Life Crisis

Alexa, please get me a light switch

Having grown up in the medieval days of dialling up the internet, I find it hard to believe that in 2018 there’s more technology in a smartphone than in the first spaceship sent to the moon.

AND harder to believe that I’ve mostly used this technology to do Buzzfeed quizzes to find out what type of pizza I am (pepperoni).

So, I was excited that the Airbnb my friends and I booked for our holibobs was fully kitted out, by its IT guru owner, with an automated light system.

We weren’t excited that the entire system broke during our stay which, according to the handbook, was very likely to happen.

90s brunch

Funnily enough none of us have ever felt the need to have an automated light system, so this was an unwelcome turn of events.

Nothing shows the privilege of our digital age like being able to make such petty demands to the likes of Alexa and then curse loudly when the super-fast-intergalactic-computer-wizardry all goes wrong.

Our excitement of “ooh this is fancy” and “it’s like Star Trek” was quickly replaced with the sound of three fully-grown 20-something’s shuffling around shouting “where’s the f*cking light switch” and “this isn’t how they did it back in my day”.

I’m tempted to say that we should bring back Snake on the Nokia 3310 and live happily ever after. But, apparently, times have moved on.

It’s now time to embrace the new fads. It might also be time to admit that not all new technology trends are for me. With that in mind, I’m off to join the Luddites.

Kids these days will never know.


6 thoughts on “Alexa, please get me a light switch

  1. That’ll teach ya for going hi-tech. I have been thinking today about dating in the pre-mobile phone era and how you used to have to ring someone on their home phone and how the family got wind of your latest love interest. Mobile phones take away all the fun. I wrote a bit about it here when I revisited the first house I move into out of home:
    Best wishes,

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  2. I grew up in the before/new computer era, we never got a warning to save, lost whole documents etc many times. Also (still do LOL) carry lots of keys

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