The Quarter Life Crisis

All I want for Christmas is a slow cooker

Thanks to the Quarter Life Crisis, there’s nothing like Christmas to remind you that you’re definitely not a child anymore.

Gone are the days of ‘hoping for a tamagotchi’ and ‘the cat threw up on my stocking again’ – now it’s more ‘all I want for Christmas is an early night and a debt-free future’.

But if, like me, you’re nearly 30 and learning how to be a fully-fledged adult, you might have found yourself embracing some of the quirks of being a proper grown up at Christmas.

This is what happened to me when (in a game of ‘think of the most adulty present you can buy for the other significant adult in your life’), I decided the one thing my boyfriend really needs this Christmas is a Slow Cooker.

*cue tumbleweed*

Perhaps the most worrying part of the whole process was how excited I got when I bought it – because now that we live together any household present I buy for boyfriend is technically a present for me too.

Me to myself: ooh while I’m at it, I could get one of those spatula’s we’ve had our eye on.

To make things worse, when he opened it he was thrilled.

Adulthood really is taking us to some dark and embarrassingly middle-class ways.

Disappointingly for me, I had to wait a long and drawn out 3 months before we could use it (and enjoy the excitement of cooking a lot of food, slowly) because in some weird phase of pro-adulting I bought the gift in September.

It’s hard to tell if being ‘organised’ in this instance is exactly the same as being ‘a total loser’, especially because HELP ME I’ve already got a list on the go for next year.

But my present buying skills haven’t always been so sophisticated.

In my early 20s, having been with my then-boyfriend for only a couple of months, we didn’t have the ‘what shall we get each other?’ conversation pre-Christmas present swapping.

Then there was an awkward moment when he gave me tickets to a well known comedian and I passed him a gift-wrapped box of Jelly Beans.

Merry Christmas and a Crappy New Year.


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