The Quarter Life Crisis

Excuse me, there’s a greenfly in my Quinoa

Having spent 2018 scrolling through food stories on Instagram, it’s no surprise that we’ve been welcomed into 2019 by vegetables.

If, like me, you slept through the new year and only woke up to watch Birdbox, now is the time to Google ‘Veganuary’.

Girls Think I’m Funny

Apparently, everyone has participated in the world’s healthiest resolution.

*Looks around for ironic meme*

I’ll admit I’m late to the party. I still haven’t mustered up the energy to drag myself to the gym – to look at the exercise machines and head straight to the sauna.

But as it turns out, unlike other food fads, this one isn’t completely ridiculous.

Hopefully, hipster restaurants will stop serving side dishes of ‘dry ice in jam jars’ and start serving carrots instead. Preferably on plates.

What a shame.

Gone are the days of waiting three hours for a broccoli inspired cocktail, now it’s just broccoli (who’d have thought?)

‘Mushrooms on toast’ will arrive in one piece, so we don’t have to do manual food labour when it arrives unnecessarily deconstructed.

Avocado is no longer bae. And it’s goodbye to charcoal cheese (or better still – charcoal anything).

No, now it’s just eat your veg, be good to the world and “if you fall off the wagon, you fall off the wagon, just pick yourself up and start afresh.

I don’t know if I’m growing up but, at the age of 27, a parsnip is suddenly more appealing than a hangover.

Find out more about healthy eating and helping the planet by clicking here


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