The Quarter Life Crisis

The Hunger Games: Bottomless Brunch

You know you’re an adult when you start factoring ‘drunken regrets’ into your monthly budget.

But you know you’re an adult in 2019 when these drunken regrets mostly relate to Bottomless Brunch (oh dear).

If you’re new to Bottomless Brunch, it’s a chance to shove as much Prosecco and Avocado in your face as you can in just one sitting.

It’s for adults who want to go wild but also want to eat something vaguely nutritious and be in bed at 8pm on a Saturday.

But my experience of Bottomless Brunch wasn’t the crazy party I hoped it would be.

Not only did my friend and I book it via email one month in advance (rock ‘n’ roll), when we turned up, the restaurant lost our booking – sending us back into the rain, sober and hangry (at 10am).

Embarrassed by the hipster dilemma we’d found ourselves in, we were glad to be rescued by a nearby cafe.

We weren’t so pleased to discover that all their fridges had broken so there wasn’t any food.

Our day out was basically the Fyre Festival of the brunch world.

Clinging onto our bought-these-in-the-sale handbags, we hurried down the street desperately hoping to find a cafe that would look great in our Instagram stories.

In the end, we drank tea and played board games in a cafe where a doll convention happened to be taking place (help).

In spite of our Bottomless Brunch fiasco, we did achieve our ultimate aim – having a bloody good time.


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