The Quarter Life Crisis

Scare bnb

There’s nothing like a holiday to escape reality.

But when my boyfriend and I went on a recent trip, we got more than we bargained for at our Airbnb.

We were busy enjoying some peace and quiet when there was an unexpected knock at the door.

Standing in the old Georgian apartment, I had a Haunting of Hill House panic when out of nowhere a hide and seek playing child bolted through the door and hid under our bed, giggling loudly.

The Midult

There was an awkward pause while my boyfriend hurriedly checked the online booking.

Boyfriend: “It says it comes with WiFi and a garden view, it doesn’t say anything about a child”

Child: *emerges from bed, points and laughs, hides behind curtain*

Then came the real horror.

Boyfriend: “I think you should go to my girlfriend, she knows what to do in situations like this”.

*cue tumbleweed*

I looked around and realised that I had to quickly become responsible.


A week before, my friend’s son visited our house for the first time and complained about the lack of toys – to which I replied with “no but there’s a lot of storage space for toys”.

It went down like a lead balloon.

Amazingly, the child realised that there were more fun things to do than play hide and seek in our apartment – by making me go on a tour of the entire house.

FYI, the tour went on FOREVER and involved him trying to get into every other apartment in the house (I wouldn’t rate the tour highly on TripAdvisor tbh). Meanwhile, I was frantically calling out for his parents at every given opportunity.

The fictional ending to this story is that the owners, pale and tired, eerily told us upon our exit that … there are no children in the house.

The actual ending is that the parents, pale and tired, emerged from their hiding place to reluctantly retrieve their son.

By the look on their faces, this was not their first game of hide and seek.


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