The Quarter Life Crisis

It’s time to begin, so count me in … 5,6,7 oh I give up

There comes a point in adulthood when your hopes and dreams are met with reality…

When I grow up I want to be fairly good at Excel from 9 to 5 and shove as much food as I can in my face during my lunch break” – said no one ever *proceeds to do this every day*.

Girls Think I’m Funny

To spice up the routine of work, some people resort to joining the gym (no thanks) while others volunteer to be a llama backing singer.

Erm, what?

Somehow, during a busy week, I’d offered to support the sales team in delivering their latest business pitch – by being part of an all-singing, all-dancing llama themed performance (don’t ask).

Little did I know, during rehearsals most of the volunteers (ALL volunteers) had dropped out before the big day, leaving my ‘not afraid to take the piss out of yourself’ confidence in the spotlight.

There’s nothing like excusing yourself from your desk on a Tuesday to attend ‘Llama rehearsals’.

Clean Humour

Meanwhile, a close friend of mine, who happens to be a rather wonderful actress, enjoyed her first day as the lead role in a big TV drama. Admittedly, this is the same friend I studied performance with at university.

When the performance was over, I was informed that we’d do the whole thing again as a live show for the entire company – on the same day that a TV crew would film a colleague for a (non-llama themed) programme they were participating in.

If there’s something more unexpected than being a llama backing singer in front of the entire company, it’s the prospect of being a llama backing singer in the background on TELEVISION.

Girls Think I’m Funny

As it turns out being a llama backing singer is a great way to alleviate stress. So here’s to acing Excel and finding an outlet for your creative inner llama!

Ps, no llama was hurt in the writing of this blog.


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