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I spy … a GREY HAIR

The other day I was strutting my way to the doctors listening to Cardi B on full blast. Then the doctor prescribed me with an orthopedic insole and I faced the horrible realisation that I'm 27 going on 97. 90s brunch I also had a dentist appointment to get dental braces (sexy), so somewhere during… Continue reading I spy … a GREY HAIR

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Oops I did it again

Every year, like most people, I have a birthday. And every year, grateful to have made it through to the 'next round', I face the same battle between 'call me BeyoncΓ©' and 'well this is embarrassing, let's pretend I'm not here and go back to our normal lives' If this year is anything to go… Continue reading Oops I did it again

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Grab your coat, you’ve pulled (it over your head and got stuck)

Apart from that time my friend fell over the kerb on a night out and dragged me down with her, my favourite part of my mid-twenties has to be the sudden and unexpected fashion crisis that's come with it. Like most 90s kids, I wanted to rock up to every jelly-themed birthday party or primary… Continue reading Grab your coat, you’ve pulled (it over your head and got stuck)