The Ongoing Crisis

Cone of shame

In the words of Britney Spears, 'there's only two types of people in this world.' Those who are clumsy (me) and those who follow their clumsy loved ones around with a hoover (my husband). I’d like to mention that my husband is also prone to an embarrassing moment. Like the time his shirt button got… Continue reading Cone of shame

The Ongoing Crisis

Hello from the other side (of 30)

Thanks to the Quarter Life Crisis, I used to celebrate the weekend with Tequila and Nando's. Now, at 31, I spend Saturdays shopping for vegetables and enjoying (enjoying?!) an early morning swim. Who even am I? Apparently this is what the other side of 29 feels like and, clearly, I'm embracing grown-up-ness for all it… Continue reading Hello from the other side (of 30)

The Ongoing Crisis

It’s a ‘dog eat everything it shouldn’t’ world

You know you're a millennial when you have a dog instead of a child. You know you're truly a millennial when you hang out with your friends and their dogs (feeling envious when one of them says their dog is finally sleeping through the night). Dog ownership, as I've come to learn, is not something… Continue reading It’s a ‘dog eat everything it shouldn’t’ world

The Covid Crisis · The Ongoing Crisis

Who let the dog (insurance) out?

It's April 2021. The nation is on the cusp of freedom having been locked away indoors for a year - forced to bake banana bread, watch every show on Netflix and sing Happy Birthday on repeat while washing their hands. The old and vulnerable have been granted access to leave their bubbles and receive the… Continue reading Who let the dog (insurance) out?