The Quarter Life Crisis

Don’t mind me, I’m just off to the inflatable theme park

The Midult

Now I’m in my mid 20s, inflatable climbing walls and slides that make you scream are just childhood memories.

No, now it’s all, oh….. inflatable climbing walls and slides that make you scream.

Thanks to the UK’s first indoor inflatable theme park, it’s now acceptable to chill in a ball pool on a Saturday evening AND bloody well enjoy it. (Who knew it could be so relaxing?!)

What wasn’t so relaxing was my friend getting stuck on the rope swing slide. In a fit of panic she looked around for the nearest grown-up and in the horror I discovered the nearest grown-up around was in fact ME.

Girls think I’m funny – Instagram

Things got marginally worse when I forgot to lift my arms up on the slides because I was busy desperately clinging on to the mat (those slides are FASTER THAN THEY LOOK when you’re 26).

Admittedly, this wasn’t my first trip to an inflatable theme park. A couple of years ago, while on holiday in Mallorca, I somehow took myself away from the buffet long enough to swim out to the Total Wipeout inspired inflatable course on the sea…

The Midult

I had visions of wowing beach-goers with my ninja-mermaid moves, but in reality I caught my bikini bottoms on the seams of the plastic when lifting myself on to the course and scraped my leg at the same time – leaving me lying face down, butt cheeks out, blood dripping down my leg and politely shouting to the lifeguard “don’t worry, I’ve got this”.

In spite of my fiasco’s, I recommend being a big kid for a few hours again. They even do exercise classes on the course but I’m usually busy (aka at home doing nothing) on those days – so if you fancy it, let me know how it goes!


6 thoughts on “Don’t mind me, I’m just off to the inflatable theme park

  1. I used to go to 20/30 Club parties in my 20s and they had inflatable relay course with slides, climbing wall, etc set up at their spring fling. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! It was a blast.

    Now, at kids parties at the local pump it up, I love to play on the inflatables with my kids. And I’ve considered having an adult party there. Why don’t more adults do this?!

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