The Quarter Life Crisis

I’ve got 99 plans but I can’t stick to one 

As someone who prides themselves on their organisation skills, I’m currently hiding behind perfectly arranged, colour coordinated cushions in embarrassment – I’ve double booked my friends and now I have to break the bad news.

Betches –

Before my Quarter Life Crisis, sticking to a plan was as simple as, well, sticking to a plan. Now adulthood is here, youth is waving goodbye. It doesn’t matter how many plans I make, any plan that doesn’t involve anti-wrinkle cream or paying off student debt will always be met with a desperately frantic:

“YES! I’ll be there! With prosecco! And a personalised T-shirt! #SOEXCITED

Somewhere there are snapchats of my friends and me running in and out of glitter shops, shoving brunch down our necks, ordering every cocktail on the menu, throwing terrible shapes in terrible bars and crying over the horrifying reality that if we ever auditioned for the X Factor we’d be in the overs category.

It’s no surprise that in the midst of panic about getting old, plans get mixed up and double booking happens. When you’re not being cancelled on, you find yourself cancelling on other people – usually via poorly worded WhatsApp messages:

“I’m really sorry but my, erm, car broke down”

“You don’t have a car”

“Okay, byyyeeee”

We’ve all been the friend that’s been let down and we’ve all been the friend that’s let someone else down, so at least we’re all being a bit shitty together.

If there’s a lesson learned it’s that life isn’t a race, you don’t have to say yes to everything just for fear of missing out.

On that note, I’m off to buy a diary and some more colour coordinated cushions to hide behind.



One thought on “I’ve got 99 plans but I can’t stick to one 

  1. True words. One learns not to feel bad when someone does this to them because no matter how diligent it organizer you are, it will happen that you ate in the same situation some day. It is the intent behind it that is more important.

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