The Quarter Life Crisis

Off the rails

A little while ago, I wrote about how I’d been stripped of my ‘young person’ title and thrown into the depths of adulthood as I’d outgrown the eligibility for a 16-25 railcard.

(You can read my blog post here – Crappy Birthday)

In my new identity as ‘person’, I’ve had to give up sleeping in, start shopping in Marks and Spencer and find interest in conversations about broken boilers. It’s been terrible.

(FYI, I’ve done none of these things – I will eternally shop in Forever 21, FOREVER 21). 

But as luck would have it, it turns out the government is a really big fan of my blog and have decided that in 2018 they will extend the ‘young person’ railcard to under 30s.

Hooray, you might say,  as we solve the high cost of living for young people via a voucher card with my ‘shame this isn’t valid on my work commute’ face on it.

I imagine these must be very fancy trains given that I’ll need all that extra discount until I’m 30 in order to afford the fare……


So, now I suppose the government has read my blog and put me back in my box (the box labelled with ‘people who weren’t mentioned in the manifesto’), all that’s left to do is sort out equal pay, the housing crisis, zero hour contracts, Brexit, universal credit…..(we could be here for a while)…..

You can read about the change to the railcard here: BBC – young person railcard 


20 thoughts on “Off the rails

  1. LOL. No worries. you’ll get all sorts of senior discounts later on. my Momma didn’t raise a fool. I ask if they have a senior discount all of the time.

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  2. You’re quite right to be scared of adulthood. Yesterday I was tearing my hair out trying to sort out a dual fuel energy supplier, stuff choice – I just want power not a long wait on the phone or three people at Eon who can’t answer a simple query.

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  3. Personally I’d reduce young person discounts and stop you all travelling. That way you can stay at home, pay off your student debts and start saving for old age instead of spending your money on fun.

    Top tip for senior discounts – grow a beard.. My experience is that as it turns white you are given senior discounts without having to ask. (i got my first discount when I was 54. Of course, this may not be an option for everyone…


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  4. Senior discounts may seem like a depressing topic that is light years away from your reality. And it is. However there is much to look forward to. My life improved exponentially after I turned 30! It did. And eventually you will be smiling at the seniors discounts. In the meantime…enjoy your life!

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