The Quarter Life Crisis

All my friends are buying houses, I can’t even commit to a Netflix series

Have you ever woken up from a three hour nap (with your cat) checked your social media feeds and everyone you went to school with has announced their engagement, grown a baby or moved into a two bed semi? How long was I asleep for? Why didn’t I get the memo? The only semi I moved into recently was after a regrettable round of Tequila shots. I commend anyone who (a) can afford to buy a house in their 20s and (b) actually wants to commit to something that lasts longer than an episode of Love Island.

For people like me (struggling with adulthood responsibilities) buying a house means having your shit together. This would be a bold statement for someone who frequently explains to their housemates (aka my parents) why there is so much chocolate and glitter in the carpet. Just when you thought your friends were in the same boat (sinking and desperately clinging on to their youth) it’s a bit of a smack in the face with a big fat reality check when someone in the group does something like buy a house.

Should I buy a house? I should probably buy a house. Maybe I won’t spend my money this week on beer, you know, ‘cause I’m buying a house. I’ll put some time aside tonight to buy a house.

*Comes home, eats potatoes, watches Netflix, cries, goes to bed, lives with parents forever*

Anyone who has been through the ‘help me, my life is failing’ phase (known to most 20-30 somethings as the Quarter Life Crisis [QLC]) will say you’ll come out the other side as a better person. With that in mind there’s no point feeling guilty for happily cleaning the weekend out of the carpet because your house buying time will come (I hope it bloody well does, I’ve spent a lot of time in Cath Kidston and one day I’d like somewhere to put it all). In the meantime, for those structured and stable enough to afford to buy a house in their 20s or early 30s – I salute you. Good luck with the move and don’t forget to invite me to the housewarming (promise not to get silly drunk and throw up on you [again]).


Broken Doors - Victoria Baths, Manchester
Victoria Baths, Manchester