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If F.R.I.E.N.D.S was set in 2018

Imgflip The iconic TV show Friends is on Netflix - FINALLY! It's hard to believe that since the show first aired an entire era has gone by. As somebody whose childhood and teenage years were spent watching Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Ross endure the trials and tribulations of adulthood - I realise that… Continue reading If F.R.I.E.N.D.S was set in 2018

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Wrong haul flight

Having somehow ended up in a serious relationship - I recently found myself flying to the other side of the world with my boyfriend for Christmas. As it was my first long-haul flight, I'd geared myself up to believe that the journey would be an exciting part of the experience. (I'd heard rumours of blankets,… Continue reading Wrong haul flight

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RIP Fridge

As any self-respecting adult knows, everything is better when there are snacks involved. And as these self-respecting adults will tell you, the involvement of snacks is absolutely nothing to do with the avoidance of real-life problems (like never-ending emails and unaffordable rent) and is actually a viable hobby. For example, that time I made chocolate… Continue reading RIP Fridge

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That time I (almost) hung out with the Doves

My friend runs a market stall outside the post office in Chorlton. Every so often I pop down and help him out - usually by trying on all the sunglasses or buying stock from other people's stalls (mostly Plant Pot Pete whose impressive array of plants is feeding my cactus obsession). When he's not delboy,… Continue reading That time I (almost) hung out with the Doves

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Grab your coat, you’ve pulled (it over your head and got stuck)

Apart from that time my friend fell over the kerb on a night out and dragged me down with her, my favourite part of my mid-twenties has to be the sudden and unexpected fashion crisis that's come with it. Like most 90s kids, I wanted to rock up to every jelly-themed birthday party or primary… Continue reading Grab your coat, you’ve pulled (it over your head and got stuck)

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Keep Calm, we’re going to Ibiza

Nothing says 'settling into adulthood responsibilities' like packing a suitcase full of glitter and running away to Ibiza for four days. But when you're a 20 something in the midst of career and relationship chaos, any opportunity for spontaneous sunshine is welcomed with Gypsy Shrine decorated open arms (that's unicorn and mermaid inspired body glitter,… Continue reading Keep Calm, we’re going to Ibiza