For many 20-30 somethings, the transition to adulthood is tough. It’s a time of questionable career choices, rocky relationships and a whole lot of anxiety. When everyone else’s lives appear to be falling neatly into place, yours is falling out of social circuits, taxis, job interviews, the local, gigs and your parents house.

Known officially as ‘The Quarter Life Crisis’, this confusing (and equally entertaining) time has become the central talking point for blogs, books, podcasts and videos – each one offering advice on how to cope with, avert and, most importantly, embrace the QLC. This blog is just one insight into the journey to adulthood but there are many resources out there to cover all aspects of its ups and downs. Here are a few I’ve found helpful:

The Guardian – thequarterlife crisis: young insecure and depressed

YouTube: Buzzfeed – Are You Having a Quarter Life Crisis?

Self.com – How to Survive a Quarter-Life Crisis