The Ongoing Crisis

It’s a ‘dog eat everything it shouldn’t’ world

You know you’re a millennial when you have a dog instead of a child.

You know you’re truly a millennial when you hang out with your friends and their dogs (feeling envious when one of them says their dog is finally sleeping through the night).

Dog ownership, as I’ve come to learn, is not something that should be taken lightly.

Perhaps the hardest part of dog ownership is the never ending vet trips … like the time my dog ate all of the Christmas presents (I repeat, ALL of the Christmas presents) and had to have induced vomiting (lovely).

The question ‘what did he eat?’ was a tough one for me to answer. I had no idea. He’d eaten the gifts bought by my husband.

Let’s just say I found out what I was getting for Christmas via the vet wading through my dog’s vomit.

(The gifts were chocolate liqueurs, something neither me or my dog – who experienced a hangover the next day – can look at in the same way again).

Then there was the time he stole an entire loaf of bread – to spend the next few days passing seeds at every given opportunity.

Not to mention the time he popped his head into a bush and pulled out an untouched McDonald’s happy meal.

It truly is a dog’s world – a world in which they eat everything they shouldn’t, totally shamelessly. Sometimes it results in an unexpected vet trip. Mostly it results in hilarity; where everyone is laughing, apart from the owner.


13 thoughts on “It’s a ‘dog eat everything it shouldn’t’ world

  1. This brought back bittersweet memories of our little buddy of 15+ years. Road trips with him were predictable. We would go inside the gas station for less than 5 minutes and come out to find he had already found the protein bar in my purse or the tin of brownies in the back and was waiting for us in the driver’s seat with a full belly and a satisfied grin.
    Thanks for the laughs. 🙂

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  2. We had a cat who liked bread, but only if it was fresh, and she’d eat just enough to wreck the loaf for anybody else, then wander off and do–well, whatever cats do when they’re not eating bread. What was left of the loaf tended to look like she’d used it for a football.

    Gotta love our pets.

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