The Covid Crisis · The Ongoing Crisis


The other day my partner and I went upstairs for a screw.

NO – it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s far sexier than that. I’m referring to assembling flat pack furniture (wahoo!).

If a global pandemic wasn’t enough of a relationship survival test, my fiancé and I decided to level up our adulting endeavours and buy a house.

As part of the home removals process we bravely stupidly decided to do the whole thing ourselves, instead of getting a professional removals company.

Luckily, my forgiving (and freakishly strong) parents were on hand to help. I pulled muscles I didn’t know existed.

Before the big move, we disassembled our flat pack wardrobes and drove them 2.5 miles down the road to the new house to reassemble them there.

My partner (aka the handiest handy man) took a nap during this task (a man after my own heart). I took the opportunity to prove to myself that I can live up to the ‘independent woman’ narrative and continue the task alone.

Helping myself to a screwdriver (and a biscuit), I hoped for the best – before successfully removing several shelves and screws without turning to YouTube for help.

I was soon joined by my freshly awoken partner and together we finished up miraculously with no arguments or swearing.

Surely there’s an award for that?!

Once in the new house, we moved on to sexier things … like stripping.

NO. It’s not what you’re thinking. I’m referring to wallpaper removal.

It was in this moment that I reached peak adulthood – using the wallpaper stripper was more relaxing than therapy and more exciting than Pina Coladas.

(Help me I’m old).

And so the house renovations continue … and never end (as I’ve been told from adults who have been adulting for longer than me).

Welcome to homeownership – where stripping and screwing are thrilling (for reasons you don’t expect)!



14 thoughts on “Stripped

  1. The “after” looks great!
    “If a global pandemic wasn’t enough of a relationship survival test, my fiancé and I decided to level up our adulting endeavours and buy a house.” I can completely relate as we did the same exact thing… while I was also PREGNANT with our first child. *smiles while her eye twitches*

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  2. I have the rare privilege of having met someone who assembled herself inside a flatpack wardrobe and (don’t ask me how) got stuck there. I just thought I’d drop that into the conversation.

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  3. Haha 😁, what a great read … you’ve put a smile on my face … and what more do we need in these times – ah well, except another Pina Colada!
    You’ve done an amazing job – and yes, “setting up a new house” never ends … there’s always something to do (but my husband always very kindly reminds me that Rome wasn’t build in one day 😉).

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