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Brace Face

Back in my day (when we were allowed outside) life’s beauty procedures were less ‘Instagram and Botox’ and more ‘pick out a colour for your train-track braces’ #thosewerethedays.

If, like me, you wore dental braces through school (complete with bushy hair and an oversized backpack), you’ll remember the pain well.

So, I was disappointed to be welcomed into adulthood with overlapping teeth (and more disappointed that teeth whitening apps are now the height of orthodontic entertainment).

In reality, I only have myself to blame. Not wearing my retainer in my late teens was an act of rebellion that hasn’t done me any favours.

When I got into my late 20’s, having had a Quarter Life Confidence Crisis, I ended up doing to the whole brace-face thing all over again.

This time around (pre-pandemic) I opted for Invisalign (hoorah) but while it made the process more bearable, it turned out to be equally embarrassing …

First on the agenda was losing the case (with the braces inside) at work. Desperate to avoid an email titled ‘teeth handed in at reception’ going out to the entire company, I searched the office high and low, making secret whispers to colleagues.

Colleague: what do you mean you’ve lost your teeth?!

Me: ssshh!! *searches the snack drawer*

I later found them in a pocket in my handbag. Great.

Next up was bumping into my high school teacher in B&Q. ‘What’s new with you?’ is a tough one when you’re still wearing dental elastics and rocking a bushy hair-do (thanks to a sorry attempt at ditching hair straighteners).

Finally, there was the time they fell out of my pocket on a night out (remember nights out?!). The bouncer, unimpressed, let me in so that I could soak them in a glass at the bar.

I’m not the only one getting in on the action. Having been fitted with a retainer, my boyfriend has the joy of wearing one at night. Things got off to a tricky start when they flew out of his mouth and across the room thanks to a vicious sneeze.

If you’re thinking about getting braces as an adult, I highly recommend it.

In 2021, in the midst of a global pandemic (when a dentist appointment is a welcome reason to leave the house), now is a great time to be able to laugh at yourself without the public humiliation.

You can find out more about Invisalign here – Invisalign


10 thoughts on “Brace Face

  1. I had full on steely looking braces back in the days when orthodontics were in the pioneering phase. But did I wear my retainer? Quite a lot actually. Am I happy with my teeth now? Hell yeah! But who cares because no one sees them behind my mask!!

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  2. My brother had braces, way pre-Invisalign. The proper, chunky, old-school, metal ones. The sort you could connect the power supply of a train set to, if you were an inquisitive but not all that thoughtful child, like my brother… I guess it made sense to him, they did look like train tracks.
    Ah, the memory of the screaming and the steam still brings tears of joy to my eyes, all these years later.

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  3. I had a wire brace on a pink plastic plate when I was nine; at Brownies, Brown Owl called it my false teeth! I also had teeth taken out to ‘make room’. My two sons had to go to the orthodontist, the younger one had front teeth at almost right angles. Fast forward lots of years and older son gets posted to USA and decides to have a brace again, in his late thirties, to improve what the NHS did when he was ten!

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