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What’s that coming over the hill? Another Instagram challenge

You know it’s 2020 when you’re busy fearing for your life (thanks COVID) that you totally forgot to participate in the latest vague and confusing Instagram challenge.


That’s what happened to me when, between scoffing cheese sandwiches and mask shopping, I noticed a flood of black and white selfies on my feed.

I quickly researched what it was all about. Women across the globe were posting photos of themselves, nominating their female friends to do the same in the name of empowerment.

(The empowerment being unclear and the challenge being ‘which of the 300 pictures of me and my 3 chins should I post?’)

I barely had time to hand sanitise before my next work video call when I’d been *dramatic pause* NOMINATED. Terrible news.

Having never joined an Instagram challenge in my life, I proceeded to post a photo of me living my best life – holding 2 bags of dog sh*t after a morning walk.

*cue likes*

When I eventually did my proper research, I discovered this particular Instagram chain was originally meant for something very different.

The hashtag started after a 27 year old Turkish woman named Pinar Gültekin was brutally murdered by her ex-partner. The movement was intended to be an act of unity against Femicide in Turkey – which you can read about here.

As the posts have gone on, the intention has washed away, the hashtags have altered and here we are in all our Insta glory.

It says something about today when we’re singing along in our own social media chorus that we unintentionally silence someone else’s voice.

So me and my bags of sh*t continue about our business, remembering to always do the research (and always pick up after your dog) and don’t get swept up by the dreaded ‘hype’.

Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m off to sign a bunch of petitions that have been sent to me via WhatsApp.


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