The Quarter Life Crisis

The Job Interview

Betches As many Quarter Life Crisis survivors will tell you, your adulthood can often be spent in and out of (rather awkward) job interviews. Some people are forced into job-hopping thanks to rolling temporary contracts, fixed-term contracts or zero hour employment, while others are experimenting with their dreams..... #GOALS Evening Standard Before I found myself… Continue reading The Job Interview

The Quarter Life Crisis

The high school ‘what am I doing with my life?’ reunion 

  Traditionally, a high school reunion is an opportunity to brag to your former nose-picking, homework-copying friends about how much of a successful adult you've become. "Well, as company director it's a tough life eating caviar on board my private helicopter" "Obviously, all my children learned to speak Chinese before the age of five, can… Continue reading The high school ‘what am I doing with my life?’ reunion