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I Do … (want dessert)

I recently wrote about the reality of breaking-up - the chore of untagging yourself from endless holiday photos and figuring out who should get custody of the pug-patterned oven gloves (me) and the toaster (also me). But once the initial crappery of the situation has passed, the time comes to face the world again and… Continue reading I Do … (want dessert)

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Oops I did it again

Every year, like most people, I have a birthday. And every year, grateful to have made it through to the 'next round', I face the same battle between 'call me Beyoncรฉ' and 'well this is embarrassing, let's pretend I'm not here and go back to our normal lives' If this year is anything to go… Continue reading Oops I did it again

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Stop interrupting my grinding

Girls Think I'm Funny The Quarter Life Crisis wouldn't be complete without a messy break-up - followed by tears, cocktails, wine, more cocktails, therapy and an unwelcome appreciation for Celine Dion. While the world is full of pressure to meet the 'one' (the one who won't blue tick you on WhatsApp), if something isn't right… Continue reading Stop interrupting my grinding

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Wrong haul flight

Having somehow ended up in a serious relationship - I recently found myself flying to the other side of the world with my boyfriend for Christmas. As it was my first long-haul flight, I'd geared myself up to believe that the journey would be an exciting part of the experience. (I'd heard rumours of blankets,… Continue reading Wrong haul flight

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Netflix and a well deserved nap

I recently discovered that my boyfriend doesn't know the meaning of 'Netflix and Chill'.  Apparently when you're a proper adult, the meaning of 'chill' goes no further than seeing how many Pringles and cookies it's acceptable to eat on a Sunday while watching endless episodes of Storage Wars - then having a well deserved nap.… Continue reading Netflix and a well deserved nap