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Wrong haul flight

Having somehow ended up in a serious relationship - I recently found myself flying to the other side of the world with my boyfriend for Christmas. As it was my first long-haul flight, I'd geared myself up to believe that the journey would be an exciting part of the experience. (I'd heard rumours of blankets,… Continue reading Wrong haul flight

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The high school ‘what am I doing with my life?’ reunion 

  Traditionally, a high school reunion is an opportunity to brag to your former nose-picking, homework-copying friends about how much of a successful adult you've become. "Well, as company director it's a tough life eating caviar on board my private helicopter" "Obviously, all my children learned to speak Chinese before the age of five, can… Continue reading The high school ‘what am I doing with my life?’ reunion 

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Adulthood is coming, so is the Vengabus

Like many of my friends, I spent most of my childhood pretending to be an adult. From fake marriages in the playground to building the perfect house on the Sims, growing up in the 90s saw crop tops, tamagotchi's, transfer tattoos, platform Skechers and more make-up than the Spice Girls put together as my vital… Continue reading Adulthood is coming, so is the Vengabus