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Review | The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

Category: Reality TV, Travel

Where to watch: Netflix

Life Crisis verdict? Millennial Dream

Rating: 3 out of 5.

If, like me, you want to travel the world but you’re also nearly 30 and your ideal holiday is a week in your own bed with uninterrupted sleep – then this might be the perfect programme for you!

The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals guides the viewer through Budget, Unique and Luxury options in some of the most amazing locations across the globe.

You get to experience a travelling adventure without having to go anywhere, talk to anyone or spend any money.

Complete with millennial commentary (“I love that there’s no headboard, like it’s just nature” and “this place is amazing, there’s no windows”) the programme focuses on properties with eco-living in mind and the ‘wow factor’.

The 30 minute episodes are split into ‘accommodation’ and ‘stay’ – giving you a taste of waking up in a bamboo-walled pod or a cowboy ranch and an insight into the experiences you would have if you stayed there (like private paddle board yoga?! and tree climbing).

The helpful hosts (Actor Megan Batoon, Vlogger Jo Franco and Real Estate Broker Luis D’Ortiz) have the enviable task of jetting off to Bali, Alaska, Japan, Mexico and Finland, but to name a few, for a job. Meanwhile I’m working 9-5 swearing at Excel.

Kudos to them for being fearless and flawless. There’s no “help, I look like a lobster” or “I was too keen at the buffet and now I have constipation”. It’s all “better cross this rope bridge” and “driving this truck down a deadly hill? No problem”.

The budgets range from approx. 24 dollars (aka my budget) to 15,000 dollars a night (aka my imaginary budget) but even the budget options are luxurious. One holiday included paying 500 dollars a night (approx £300) and had a private chef. I’m not sure the UK version would take off – my budget experience includes staying in a Travelodge where the breakfast came from a vending machine and the door opened straight onto the bed.

If you’re feeling nosy (or can’t be bothered to watch the show), here’s a taste of some of the properties featured:

So, if you have a spare half an hour and want to get away from reality (and watch beautiful millennials have the time of their lives) then I definitely recommend.

One thought on “Review | The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

  1. I have long suspected that most adults spend their lives living vicariously. (I may be projecting.) It is nice to find confirmation of that bias.

    I have been watching Korean Dramas on Netflix. I may never go anywhere, but I’m developing quite a Ramen noodle habit that is prompted by all the product placement in their shows.

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