The Quarter Life Crisis

The Job Interview


As many Quarter Life Crisis survivors will tell you, your adulthood can often be spent in and out of (rather awkward) job interviews.

Some people are forced into job-hopping thanks to rolling temporary contracts, fixed-term contracts or zero hour employment, while others are experimenting with their dreams…..

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Before I found myself in happy employment, I was also doing the interview rounds – so much so it started to feel like really bad dating. When will I ever find a match?!

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There are only so many times you can hear “we’ll call you” “you’ve got a great personality” and “best of luck for the future” before you start to wonder if your future is just a lonely abyss of rejection and an unhealthy relationship with cocktails.

But just like bad dating, sometimes you have to shop around before you settle on what’s right for you.

Sometimes, you make mistakes. At some point, everyone has an interview mishap. My embarrassing incident came when I realised I had endured the entire interview WEARING ODD SHOES. Apparently, I didn’t concentrate when getting dressed that morning. That will teach for me saying ‘I pay excellent attention to detail’. Oh dear.

Sometimes, they make mistakes. It’s often the case that the interviewer is just as nervous as you are, if not more. This happened to me when I had an ‘informal’ second interview for a young media company. The interviewer turned up late, told me in great detail what he’d been up to at the weekend, ran out of time and forgot to ask me any questions about the job. Unless that was just a bad date….

Sometimes, it all just works out in the end. Aside from the inconvenience of crippling emotional turmoil and a questionable number of ‘dentist appointments’ – job interviewing does offer a good chance to figure out what you actually want (aside from money and some sort of prospect).

Until then, there’s always Margaritas.


5 thoughts on “The Job Interview

  1. I’ve conducted a lot of interviews. It’s interesting from both sides of the table. My preference was always to hire based upon personality–we can teach you the tasks. If someone can’t get along well with others it creates a toxic environment for all.

    I’m glad you found happy employment. Find a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life.

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