The Quarter Life Crisis

Bills, Bills, Bills

I don’t know what’s happened to me this past month but I’ve started drinking wine and dusting the blinds.

It all began when my ‘inner adult’ decided to move in with my boyfriend – while my ‘inner child’ saw the opportunity to decorate the flat with glittery toothbrush holders and chocolate bars.

Rum and glitter anyone?

For the past few years I’ve been in the carefree comfort of my parents’ house AND

(in the words of Monica from Friends)

‘NOW I HAVE TO LIVE WITH A BOY’ (and pay bills).

Sara Guerola – YouTube

The hardest thing was breaking the devastating news to my parents – not because they were desperately going to miss me but because they didn’t seem bothered:

“If you move back in again with all your stuff, it will be a disaster”

“What do you mean you’re coming back to visit on Tuesday, this Tuesday?”

Even my cats didn’t seem to care – leaping out of my arms as I dragged my bags (and dignity) out the front door.

I thought I’d feel like Destiny’s Child in the Independent Women video but the lyric ‘tell me what you think about me, I buy my own Dettol wipes and dried pasta’ somehow doesn’t work.

The Midult

Perhaps the highlight of my new living arrangement came when my boyfriend told me he had a surprise for me at the flat.

Could it be that he’s cooked my favourite meal? (Pizza)

Maybe he’s decorated it with gifts.

No – he’s invested in a bagless hoover. SURPRISE.

I’d love to continue writing this post but I have an appointment with the boiler control settings.

Welcome to adulthood.


25 thoughts on “Bills, Bills, Bills

  1. You really gave me the chuckle here…… was like to see me when I moved out in the big city all on my own counting all on my salary😱but it is good.when then 8 moved in with boyfriend at the beginning I used to lock myself in the bathroom to have time and space for myself🤣

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  2. Your post made me laugh so hard. I was the definition of a boomerang kid – I lived with my parents right after college graduation in 2011, got my own apartment in 2013, lasted 10 months there, and moved back in with them until i got married in 2015. My husband and I lived with his parents for about six months, and we finally bought our own house in 2016. I really felt like a true adult about a month ago when we decided we needed a vacuum for downstairs, and we splurged to buy an excellent Shark vacuum. I love to vacuum now!

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  3. Hahaha, I love this post. Especially the unglamorous truth of being an independent woman. Wet wipes and toothpaste just don’t have the same ring.
    Enjoy this new chapter in your life. I wish you all the best.

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