The Quarter Life Crisis

If F.R.I.E.N.D.S was set in 2018


The iconic TV show Friends is on Netflix – FINALLY!

It’s hard to believe that since the show first aired an entire era has gone by.

As somebody whose childhood and teenage years were spent watching Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Ross endure the trials and tribulations of adulthood – I realise that I now find myself in their shoes.


So, here’s what could happen if the show was set in 2018.

• Rachel has a successful career in fashion but learns that she is paid significantly less than her male counterparts.

Oh indeed.

  • Phoebe is a self-employed masseuse but is constantly expected to work for free to, you know, help her ‘digital profile’.

• Ross doesn’t get married – instead he has a string of awful Tinder dates.

No Ross.

• Joey is an award winning actor – until he gets called out in the press for his history of unwelcome sexual behaviour towards women.

  • Chandler regrets stalking his colleagues on LinkedIn after realising you can see who’s viewed your profile.
  • Monica has 142k subscribers to her YouTube cooking channel – the dishes of the month include smashed avocado toast and overnight oats.


• Rachel becomes pregnant and starts a popular blog – she promotes Flex Appeal and teams up with Pregnant Then Screwed to raise awareness of parenthood in 2018.


  • Phoebe moves to Shoreditch and opens a Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga themed vegan café. It’s VERY popular.

Namaste Phoebs

• Ross lands a job as an expert on Walking With Dinosaurs – he then proposes to Rachel on set.


• After years out of the limelight, Joey makes a sudden appearance on Love Island. His popularity grows and he spends the next few years earning money from endorsements.


  • Chandler rents his apartment out on airbnb – only to come back and discover that the guests booked under a fake name and have trashed the place in an out of control party.

Yes – you bring the Spice Girls playlist and I’ll bring the Tequila

• Monica announces her engagement on Facebook – followed by endless wedding photos, status updates and live Instagram videos

Yes, yes it is.

40 thoughts on “If F.R.I.E.N.D.S was set in 2018

  1. I just rewatched all of it for the first time in a very long time. I loved the show, but it’s showing its age a bit. Nowhere near Frasier’s level. But I love Joey and Phoebe. Joebe. Yeah. That would have a good spinoff.

    Also, you’re a fellow Manc, non? Cold, innit?!

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  2. Love thisss!!!! Have you ever thought about writing fan fiction? You could turn these ideas into an e-book. M x

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