The Quarter Life Crisis

RIP Fridge

As any self-respecting adult knows, everything is better when there are snacks involved.

And as these self-respecting adults will tell you, the involvement of snacks is absolutely nothing to do with the avoidance of real-life problems (like never-ending emails and unaffordable rent) and is actually a viable hobby.

For example, that time I made chocolate sandwiches for my lunch was entirely concerned with keeping a balanced diet (balanced like holding one in each hand) and nothing to do with not getting the job I had a second interview for.

Or that time a man stopped me on the train to tell me “a young lady wouldn’t like to walk around with chocolate on her face would she?” was all about me trying out a new fashion statement and wasn’t anything to do with the fact I had eaten an entire bag of cookies on my commute home because I’d had a bad day.

Actual footage of me at work.

As someone who has won awards for her snacking capabilities (see blog post – the high school reunion), you can imagine my horror when I came home one day to discover that the mother of all snacking devices – the Fridge – had BROKEN.

At the terrible scene, I found my mum wading through packets of Halloumi and Cheddar, helping every last vegetable flee into the safety of the coolbag, while Dad marched solemnly around the house on the phone to John Lewis as we awaited our fate.

Amidst the chaos, I could barely be heard shouting “SAVE THE YOGHURT” over the top of cries from the cats as milk was poured down the drain.

But it was too late.

Sadly, the fridge didn’t survive. While it was tough to come to terms with, I feel very lucky and humbled to announce that a new fridge did arrive, two days later, with extra shelves.

I feel obliged to post a link to a page about snacking healthily and looking after yourself – Healthy Food Swaps. 


11 thoughts on “RIP Fridge

  1. Ahaha this is hilarious! I’m glad you have now got a new fridge that is even better than the old one, but it must’ve been traumatising when your old one broke… 😉

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